Vendetta Online 1.8.336


Vendetta Online 1.8.336

Vendetta Online is a popular online video game built by Guild SoftwareInc. It’s a very addictive game where thousands of players meet,interact, fight, and make alliances. Players take the role ofspaceship pilots, flying to missions, planets, and stations all over thegalaxy. All the combat is done in real time, against other people orNPCs (Non-player characters).

Participate in large scale battles

Gamers can even participate inlarge scale battles between nations or with the aliens. Vendetta Onlinehas a complete economic system, making use of trading, mining, andsmuggling. In this game you will be able to pilot your own shipin a single, persistent virtual universe. New gameplay content, such asmissions, equipment, ships or trade items can be unlocked during thenormal evolution of your character.

Ships are highly customizable

The ships are highlycustomizable, allowing the player to change its design and add new,powerful functionality. In addition, you can transform it into a tradingship or a combat one. Players can choose to be a military pilot,despicable pirate, guard for hire, peaceful trader, or whatever theydesire. In addition, the difficulty of missions will increase as theplayer becomes more popular.

Play in lawless places

Another interesting feature is theability to choose to play in lawless places or locations that aregoverned by the law. No matter in which one of them you decide to play,they all have their dangers. The game is actively developed by agroup of talented developers who listen to their community andintegrates new functionality or repairs flaws with every new release.

Runs on Linux, Mac and Windows

Thesoftware has been crafted to support the Linux, Microsoft Windows andMac OS X operating systems. It is a true MMORPG (Massively MultiplayerOnline Role-Playing Game) that can be played by players of all ages. Ifyou like MMORPG games, then we suggests to give Vendetta Online a try.It is the best of its kind for Linux operating systems, and we promisethat you won’t regret it a bit!

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5 stars

Publisher/Developer: Guild Software, Inc.

Release Date: May 21, 2015

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