Pywmgeneric 0.1.1


Pywmgeneric 0.1.1

Pywmgeneric is a dockapp with five entries that display the first line of output from an external program, the returned string from an python method or an static string.

Three mouse actions can be associated with each displayed entry. Pywmgeneric is written in Python.

Five different entries can be defined in pywmgeneric. Every entry can have an action, an update_delay and up to ten mouse actions associated with it. Some additional options are also available.

The associated action of an entry is executed with update_delay time between executions. The output from the action is stored. If no special display options are defined, the application will display the first line of output from the action. If it does not fit in the window, it will slowly scroll in the window. Clicking with the mouse on the text invokes one of the mouse actions, depending on which button was pressed. The action can be to execute an external program, to run a python method or to update the text through performing the action associated with the entry. The mouse actions can retreive the text genererated by the timed action.

Python methods that should be executed as actions should be defined in the class UserMethods. Look in, near the top, for this class and the documentation of how these methods should be defined. Note that the methods allready there only are samples and will probably not work on your system.

Other options in the configuration file include:

scroll = yes|no - en-/disable scrolling of the text when it doesn't fit
display = < text > - display a static string instead of the first line of the action-generated output.

See the sample configuration file for examples and more information. Note that this file is only for reference, it is the one I use. Things will probably not work on your system if you do not change it.

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Publisher/Developer: Kristoffer Erlandsson

Release Date: Jun 24, 2012

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