pgintcl 3.4.0

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pgintcl 3.4.0

pgintcl is a Tcl interface to PostgreSQL, which is itself written entirely in Tcl, and does not rely on libpq. It is highly but not entirely compatible with other Tcl interfaces, although it is slower.

It implements almost all the commands in libpgtcl, the Tcl interface bundled with PostgreSQL (until release 8.0), plus it has some extensions. But it is written entirely in Tcl, so does not require compilation for a specific platform.

I wrote this to be able to use Tcl/Tk database clients on platforms where the PostgreSQL client library (libpq) and the Tcl interface (libpgtcl) are not available (or were not available at the time, or were too much trouble to build).

pgin.tcl uses the Tcl binary data and TCP socket features to communicate directly with a PostgreSQL database server, using the internal PostgreSQL frontend/backend protocol. Therefore, pgin.tcl is dependent on the protocol, rather than being protected from its details as are libpq-based applications. This version of pgin.tcl uses version 3 of the PostgreSQL protocol, and only communicates with PostgreSQL-7.4 and higher servers.

pgin.tcl is also highly compatible with pgtcl-ng, the "Next Generation" libpq-based implementation of the pgtcl interface. pgtcl-ng can be found at (It will be moving to pgfoundry soon.) The same test suite is used to verify both interfaces.

This is version 3 of pgin.tcl, which does Unicode character set encoding and decoding. This version has been tested with LATIN1 and UTF8 database encodings, as well as SQL_ASCII. (Note SQL_ASCII encoded databases are meant for 7-bit ASCII characters only. Do not use SQL_ASCII databases if your data includes non-ASCII characters.) It should work with any PostgreSQL database encoding, but user testing is encouraged. (The previous version 2 of pgin.tcl does not include character set encoding handling. It may only work properly with SQL_ASCII encoded databases.)

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· PostgreSQL

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· This release adds 2 new commands and a new -pid option to pg_listen, and fixes a bug with case-correction of notification names.
· It was tested with PostgreSQL 9.1.0 as well as older versions.

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