Lockdown Protocol 1.1.0


Lockdown Protocol 1.1.0

Lockdown Protocol is a cross-platform and commercial platformer-style third-person shooter game that features a built-in level editor and a classic single player game style. It also features a multiplayer mode where players can fight against each other over LAN or Internet.

You’re a lone scientist fighting your way out of each level

In this game, players will take the role of a lone scientist that must fight his way to exit each level, while collecting power cells on the way. You are locked in a building where every character tries to kill you.

You have no friends, so you must fight your way out by blasting your enemies into pieces with unique and powerful weapons that you can find in each level. For a high score, make sure that no one remains alive but you.

Features 25 single player levels and 7 multiplayer levels

The full version of the game includes 11 different weapons, 25 single player levels, 7 multiplayer levels, 7 different enemy types, various enemy items, network-based multiplayer matches, as well as local split-screen multiplayer matches.

The game is compatible with all GNU/Linux distributions, as well as with the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is currently distributed through the Desura digital gaming distribution service.

Hardware requirements and availability

In order to work properly, the game requires a computer with a CPU running at 1.6Ghz, at least 1GB of RAM (system memory), a 3D graphics card that has at least 128MB of memory and it’s compatible with OpenGL 2.1 compatible, as well as at least 100MB of free disk space.

The game is available for download for free only as a demo limited in functionality (only 8 single player levels and one multiplayer level). It’s distributed as pre-built archived binaries supporting both 32 and 64-bit computers.

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Publisher/Developer: FRACTiLE Games

Release Date: May 21, 2015

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