kde-services 2.0-8

GPL (GNU General Public License)

kde-services 2.0-8

kde-services is an open source, free and easy to install software project that that injects several useful features into the right-click context menu of the KDE desktop environment. The functions implemented by this program will be available through Dolphin, the default file manager of KDE.

Features at a glance

Key features include the ability to convert between several video formats, extract the audio track of several video formats, convert several audio files to MP3, send files to Thunderbird as email attachments, burn ISO images, execute scripts, and build an ISO image from a selected folder.

Comes with even more features

The script also includes PDF tools, AVI tools, low level information of video files, text replacing tools, searching tools, SSH tools, CheckSum tools, Dolphin tools, Midnight Commander tools, various system tools, network tools, backup/restore tools, Samba tools, YouTube tools, DVD tools, multimedia tools, and GPG tools.

You can do a lot more

With kde-services, you will also be able to play video files from a selected folder, extract subtitles from MKV video files, multiplex subtitles into MPEG-2 video files, send files or directories securely to Mailx, as well as email attachments. You can do a lot more with this script, so make sure you check the official website for details.

Requirements, lots of requirements

In order to work properly, the kde-services script requires a large number of command-line tools, which can be easily installed in any GNU/Linux distribution from the default software repositories. These include bash, coreutils, kde-runtime, kde-baseapps, SoX, Perl, perl-Image-ExifTool, Festival, FFmpeg, FuseISO, FUSE, Konsole, PSmisc, PDFtk, Tar, bzip2, poppler-utils, Transcode, liberation-sans-fonts, BC, Genisoimage and VLC.

In addition, the Midnight Commander, xorg-x11-server-utils, xorg-x11-server-Xorg, util-linux, Wget, Ghostscript, Sed, ImageMagick, Poppler, mlocate, fuse-sshfs, wodim, kernel-tools, Htop, XTerm, net-tools, diffutils, PV, procps, file, iproute, xdg-utils, shared-mime-info, cifs-utils, Gawk, samba-client, youtube-dl, MKVToolnix, dvdauthor, dmidecode, isomd5sum, Lynx, GnuPG, mailx, recode, zip, file and findutils are also required.

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Publisher/Developer: Geovanni B. R.

Release Date: May 21, 2015

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